Tuesday, September 25, 2012

Fabulous 4 months

With weary eyes and a wrist full of tendinitis I have returned to blog the past month of our little darling's life.
4 months! Can you believe it? Feels like I haven't slept properly in a year, oh wait, I haven't! But enough complaining, let's get to the fun stuff........
Clem's quirks;
She can now roll over both ways, she's getting the motions of crawling started by digging her knees and and moving forwards. Funny because she hated tummy time, yet rolls from her back to her tummy 100 times a day. Sometimes she's content to stay there, other times she'll shout for me to turn her over.
She likes to shout at my boobs just before she eats. I imagine she is saying "get in my belleh"
She has started to put her feet in her mouth, actually she puts anything within reach into her mouth!
She love, love, loooooooves being in the BOBA with Daddy.
She loves having baths with Daddy. And splashing me while I am trying to wash her.
We introduced solids today. Rice cereal fortified with iron. Messy!


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