Thursday, August 23, 2012

3 month catch up

Has it been 3 months already? Well, almost! Little Clam is 3 days off her 3rd month birthday and it has all happened so soon!
So, what's been happening? Our little Clemmy Boo began smiling at 6 weeks on the dot, she'd been giving cute little glimpses of a smile to me for at least 2 weeks before, but I was convinced it was gas, then she gave me the cheekiest, gummiest grin ever and I knew it was for real!
Week 6 was a wonder week for us, and coincided with Daddy going away for a work conference for the week. Let's just say our reunion after a week apart was teary and full of hugs. I take my hat off to any single parent!
When she was 7 weeks we took our Boo to get her vaccinations and have her check up done. 50th percentile baby! She cried a little for her needles, and mum and dad got their whooping cough injection too (ouch!)
So far she's loving the Boba, especially when Daddy carries her around the shops. She's extremely curious, and loves to take in everything the world has to offer. Mum prefers the sleepy wrap because the Boba was too tight around the abdomen/c section scar. We also have a ring sling which she doesn't seem too into just yet.
The Naty Care nappies are standing the test of time. We've tried some other brand of wipes which I'll do a bit of a review on later
Tummy time was a bit of a roller coaster for us. Clam had some intense vomiting (possibly reflux) and really hated being put on the floor for tummy time, so I put her on a soft surface like the couch or bed then eventually back to her mat, where she will now happily hold herself up and stare at herself in the mirror and babble.
As we approach her third month, she has begun attempting to roll over. It's amazing to see her progress before my eyes. I sit with her, cheering her on and wanting to tell her to stop growing up so quickly at the same time.


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