Monday, February 20, 2012

Vegan Health

Although we have a relatively healthy diet and all blood work has come back great, there are still a few things I take and make sure I eat to keep the little Clam healthy.
For the first 3 months I was taking a Vegan Pregnancy vitamin by DEVA. I found it made my morning sickness worse, so I stuck it out for the first 12 weeks then changed to FLORADIX. Floradix was much easier to find locally and gave me no sickness afterwards.

Excellent Resources for Vegan Parenting

To get my body and brain prepared for a vegan pregnancy I enlisted the help of a few books.
I knew there would be a barrage of questions from midwives and family on this topic, so of course I had to arm myself with the right knowledge and make sure I was doing the right thing for the Clam and I .
I found these on Book Depository (free shipping) and Herbivore Clothing.

Weeks 19-25

By the time little clam had reached 19 weeks her kicks were so strong that they could be felt from the outside. (I'm convinced she's practising kung fu in there.)
Every now and then there is a quiet day, quickly followed by a day of bouncing non-stop or a cute little butt lodged between my hip and ribs.

Weeks 13-18

At the 13th week the sickness subsided and belly started to grow. A tiny little bump progressed until I had to get new pants to fit again.
Going to work was challenging, I was quite tired and eating lots now that my appetite was back.
Then along came the shingles. 2 weeks of pure hell and pain.
Around the 16 week mark I had begun to feel little bubbles in my belly.
By the 18th week an ultrasound proved that little clam was a girl, as we had already guessed.

Weeks 6-12

And like clockwork, the morning sickness began. Or should we say, ALL DAY AND NIGHT SICKNESS! I couldn't stand to eat a lot of things, even one of my favourites - broccoli. The smell of cooking food, the sight of a full plate and even just the smell of the oven pre heating was enough to make my stomach shrivel.

In the beginning

It all began when a mummy and a daddy loved each other very much. BAM! A baby clam.
Arriving in May, or possibly even June;
Clementine Louise
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