Wednesday, May 9, 2012

Body Image

Now here is a subject that gets me riled up. Body image and the pregnant woman!
As an impressionable teen I hated my body. Too short, "fatter" than my sisters, the wrong colour hair, freckles, you name it - I hated it. Then as I grew up I realised that magazines and the media project these unreal images that you're supposed to be like. It was like a light bulb went off;
These lies = $$$ for them. 
Not only was I being subjected to these images on a daily basis, they were brainwashing me and my friends of what a body should be like. I decided for myself that I would not pass judgement on other peoples bodies. Why would it be my business anyway? But it is something that is hard to escape when it is shoved in your face with magazines, internet and television programs.
I've become aware as a pregnant woman that my body has become almost a free market to talk about.

"You look so big" Well thanks, I'm 5 feet tall, where else is this baby supposed to fit?
"You look small for * months" Oh, great. Now I'm depriving my unborn child
"I couldn't even tell you were pregnant from the back" Yea, that's because my baby isn't growing IN MY ASS!

Then the ads for weight loss bombard the telly and the gossip sites. I know I should keep away from both because they poison the brain, but when will this stop?
 Today I read about Jessica Simpson getting a deal with Jenny Craig. SHE GAVE BIRTH A WEEK AGO! When did this insanity begin? Mel B just did the same thing and for weeks we got to hear her "journey" back to her pre-pregnancy weight.
I understand that for some people - CELEBRITIES - that this may be possible, but I don't have access to a nanny, a nutritionist, a gym, a personal chef, or a paid weight loss program. Nor does the "average woman"
We are then sold their photo shopped magazine covers in hopes we can read their "miracle baby weight loss" stories and hate ourselves even more for our bellies covered in stretch marks and boobs that hang just that bit lower than they did before baby.
I will not buy into this bull shit. I will not let my daughter hate her body for no valid reason. I will not hate my own body for creating and housing a life.
I will not accept society's unrealistic visions of motherhood.


Renée MBM said...

I agree with all of the above. <3

My kids have been quite large for their age, most of the time off the charts. But because they're vegan, I've heard "they look small" or "they look skinny" despite not being either of those things. These lies make people see things that aren't there. Projecting insecurities and uncertainties and !!!

We consume so little mainstream media that I'm always O_o at magazine covers in the stupormarket or if I catch TV somewhere. I used to tune out the background commercial noise and TV ads when they were in my life, but I wonder how much seeps in... I looked "wrong" as a teen, too. But everyone does - which is the crazy$$$ part. Eeek.

Sarah (compostkitty) said...

couldn't of said it better myself!
I hate seeing the weight loss after baby stories.
I don't get why we are made to feel like we should be proud of what we look like while pregnant, and look out if you want to feel proud of how you look after birth!

I love the fact my body was able to grow small people.
I like my body a whole lot more since having children i have learnt to appreciate myself so much more.
I do have days when i don't but they pass pretty quickly, once i cuddle my girls.

Kate said...

TOTALLY agree! Women are already subject to so much scrutiny of their bodies, but when you're pregnant, well you're just public property then! Being pregnant is such an amazing time of your life and should not be clouded by other people's judgments and body insecurities.

Stacy said...

Thanks, ladies! Nice to see not everyone thinks they need to go on a diet as soon as they push out the baby!!

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