Monday, March 12, 2012

Baby Shower

Although I had to be coaxed into the idea of a baby shower, I'm finally getting used to the idea. I'm not really into parties or being the centre of attention (or people randomly putting their hands on my belly) but we have decided to have a baby shower in lieu of ever having an engagement, housewarming or wedding. I guess one big party will be okay.
Ever the un-traditional couple, we are having a big family baby shower. In typical Maltese fashion there will be no less than 40 immediate family members (vegan Papa is from Malta) and whilst most showers are usually ladies only, we felt it only necessary for the entire family to celebrate the little Clam with us.

Invites by Hipp


Jennifer said...

I used those invites too! How cute are they! I love the little velvety bits.


Stacy said...

So cute! I got the matching Thank You cards too :)

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